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3 Signs Your Body Will Notice Once You Go Vegan

3 Signs Your Body Will Notice Once You Go Vegan

Taking Up a Vegan Diet

Thinking of going vegan? A vegan diet can improve your health, as it is rich in micronutrients and low in saturated fat. A vegan diet differs from a traditional western diet in that it excludes all animal products, including meat, dairy and eggs. Almost three percent of the U.S. population follows a vegan diet, which is highly nutritious and plant-based.

While many individuals switch to a vegan diet for the long-term health benefits, there are some changes you may notice after you first go vegan. It can be hard to find replacements for your favorite foods, but there are a ton of options for plant-based proteins and yummy vegan snacks! Here are three signs your body will notice once you go vegan.

Energy Boost

The removal of processed meats from your diet can have a positive effect on your energy levels. Many people report clearer focus and concentration after switching from animal products to mainly consuming vegetables, fruits and nuts.

A vegan diet can help stabilize blood sugar levels by consuming consistent meals and snacks. This will prevent energy dips and crashes from relying on convenience snacks and foods. Of course, there are lots of great vegan snacks available now too!

Better Performance in Sports or Physical Activity

Following higher energy levels, many find that they have greater stamina and endurance. A vegan or plant-based diet is lower in saturated fat and cholesterol, which helps improve blood viscosity. This increases the amount of oxygen that reaches your muscles, and can improve athletic performance and recovery.

Feeling Hungry More Frequently

Many people underestimate the caloric difference between the plant-based, natural foods consumed in a vegan diet and processed animal products. When we cut large food groups out of our diets, it can take some time to figure out what foods to replace.

Don’t be afraid to keep some vegan snacks on hand to increase your caloric intake and stabilize your hunger levels. Try to eat a variety of foods, such as vegetables, fruit, nuts, beans, rice, and legumes, to make sure you’re getting enough calories, protein and micronutrients. This will ensure you are consuming plenty of nutrients to hit your daily dietary requirements.

Going vegan can include some side effects as you transition your diet, but the overall health benefits are great! A vegan diet is linked to better heart health and a lower risk of cancer and type 2 diabetes. A well-rounded vegan diet will include a wide range of whole foods and delicious vegan snacks.

Plant Snacks

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