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5 Ways to Avoid GMO Foods

5 Ways to Avoid GMO Foods

Avoiding Non-GMO Foods

Many people may wish to try and avoid genetically modified foods in their diet. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms, which means their genetic makeup has been altered through genetic engineering. This creates plants and organisms that are not found in nature. Most GMOs have been genetically modified to withstand the application of herbicides sprayed on crops. 

Currently, there is an absence of credible, long-term research on the effects of consuming genetically modified organisms. For this reason, many people may prefer to avoid or limit the amount of GMO foods they consume in their diet. While not all genetically modified foods are labeled in the United States, there are lots of great GMO-free products and GMO-free snacks available! Here are five ways to better avoid GMO foods.

Look For a Label

Your first step should be to look for foods with a "Non-GMO Project Verified” label on their packaging. While GMOs aren’t currently required to be marked in the U.S., food manufacturers, such as Plant Snacks, have undergone independent review and certification to prove their products are GMO-free. The “Non-GMO Project Verified” logo means that GMO contamination has been avoided throughout the growth and harvesting of crops, their processing, storage and packaging. 

Buy Organic

Another way to avoid GMOs is to look for foods labeled ‘100% organic.’ U.S. law prohibits genetically engineered food or ingredients in products labeled 100% organic. Even so, this label only applies to how a food is grown, not the content of the food itself. Food production is increasingly compromised by cross contamination from handling, so foods labelled organic may not be totally GMO-free. 

Avoid Processed Snacks with GMOs

Many snacks contain GMOs from the processed sugars, preservatives, and sweeteners. To avoid GMOs in processed foods, enjoy GMO-free snacks! You don’t have to limit your diet in an effort to avoid GMO products, as plenty of delicious snacks are made with thoughtful ingredients.

Say No to At-Risk Ingredients 

Some ingredients are at a higher risk for being genetically modified than others, such as soy, corn, canola or sugar. A majority of GMO products are derived from these four ingredients, so it is best to avoid them when possible. Make sure to look at food labels for GMO-free snacks without these ingredients, and eat a diet full of whole foods.

Eat Locally Grown Foods

Support your local farms and businesses, and buy your produce and meats locally! Most genetically-engineered foods are grown and produced at large factory farms. Avoid purchasing your food from these manufacturers, and instead support your smaller, local farmers.   

Plant Snacks

While it can be difficult to ensure that your diet is GMO-free, these are just some of the many strategies you can use to limit the amount of genetically modified foods you consume. At Plant Snacks, our GMO free snacks are also free of allergens and added-sugar. Look for a store that sells Plant Snacks near you!


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