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6 Amazing Vegan Cheese Board Ideas

6 Amazing Vegan Cheese Board Ideas

Impress Your Guests

A vegan cheeseboard is the perfect complement to any party, get-together, or even a simple movie night on the couch! Here are six amazing ideas to construct a mouthwatering, animal-product-free cheese board. Impress your guests with an Instagram-worthy cheeseboard made completely of plant-based ingredients! 

Keep It Simple

The best part of a vegan cheeseboard is its simplicity - it takes so little to impress so much!  First, start with a small selection of your favorite vegan cheeses. There are so many delicious artisan plant-based cheeses to try: soft, firm, aged, herbed! Then, add a small selection of crackers, nuts, veggie meats, fruit, and different spreads.

Add Pops of Color

Add color and really catch the eye of those you're entertaining! Try including fresh berries, colorful jams and vibrant fruits to add pops of color throughout and avoid a boring, beige cheeseboard.

Pair Complementary Flavors

With such a diverse range of flavors and items, make sure your choices for your vegan cheeseboard don’t clash! If you’ve decided to go with a strong, crumbly, non-dairy blue cheese, try pairing it with a softer, mild plant-based cheese to complement. Mix sweet, fruity jams with crackers or chips for a delicious flavor combination. Or, pair briny treats like olives or pickled vegetables with a creamy vegan cheese! 

Play With Texture

Texture is another important consideration for a fantastic vegan cheeseboard. When it comes to vegan cheeses, be sure to include a range of firm and soft options. Softer, gooey plant-based cheeses and smooth spreads pair great with crispy vegan crackers and chips. Adding layers of texture to your board will make it more eye-catching and interesting.

Presentation Matters

Choose a board, such as a serving dish, plate, or even a cutting board to start. Place contrasting colors and textures next to each other to create your visually stimulating masterpiece! Choose to keep your plant-based cheese whole and add some cheese knives, or present your board pre-sliced for your guests’ convenience.

Add A Surprise!

Surprise your guests with an extra, thoughtful add-on! Include a small dish of olive oil or hummus for dipping warm pieces of bread, or a bowl with a variety of vegan chips to contrast the sweeter elements of your vegan cheeseboard!

Plant Snacks

At Plant Snacks, our treats are vegan and grain-free. Try adding them to your next vegan cheeseboard, or enjoy them anytime as the perfect, quick snack!

Our allergen free snacks come in various options, and are free of GMOs and added-sugar. Look for a store that sells Plant Snacks near you.


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