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A Healthy Nacho Tortilla Chip Alternative

A Healthy Nacho Tortilla Chip Alternative

Ah, chips. One of the most tasty, easy-to-binge snacks around. A crowd favorite and instant party pleaser. Sure, they may not be the most healthy for you, but they can’t be that bad, right? Wrong. Most popular nacho tortilla chips contain a plethora of bad ingredients, from GMOs to high contents of sodium. Here’s the truth about what’s really in your favorite nacho cheese chips—and how to find a just as tasty nacho tortilla chip alternative.

What’s Really in Nacho Tortilla Chips

Next time you’re at the grocery store, pull down a bag of your favorite tortilla chips or nacho flavored chips. Look at the list of ingredients on the back. You’ll probably see “corn” listed first, but don’t be fooled-—it’s likely genetically modified corn. GMOs can cause a number of health concerns, from allergies to inflammation and other disorders. 

And what about that delicious flavor? You’re probably tasting mono-sodium glutamate, along with salt and sugar. This combination may taste great, but it contains more than 10 percent of your daily sodium. 

In just a few handfuls, you could eat more sodium than you need for a whole day! Now imagine doing that every day if you always snack on chips. Excess sodium can lead to weight gain due to the excessive amounts of fat and calories.

And of course, there’s the dyes. While the FDA may classify these as “generally safe,” too many dyes like red dye 40 can cause immune disorders and produce ADD/ADHD, especially in children. 

Finally, they are deep friend in commercially processed vegetables that contain more GMOs, trans fats, and free radicals. This can cause compromised immunity, bad estrogen circulation, and more. Not to mention that these chips are missing many key nutrients your body needs. Doesn’t sound so appealing anymore, does it?

What’s in Healthy Tortilla Chips?

At Plant Snacks, we wanted to create a healthy nacho cheese tortilla chip that had all the flavor but none of the harm compared to its mainstream counterparts. The first and main ingredient is a blend of whole ground corn flour, mushroom powder, and psyllium husk fiber—all free of GMOs. We use sunflower or safflower oil instead of vegetable oil to cook—not fry—the chips. 

There’s sea salt, onion powder, paprika, and garlic powder for taste. And best of all, there’s no dairy or meat whatsoever in these chips. This makes them one of the few plant-based nacho tortilla chips on the market!

As for the nutrients, these chips are chock full. Every serving has three grams of protein and three grams of fiber, low sodium amounts, and healthy fats and carbohydrates. You’ll avoid every health hazard the standard tortilla chips and their ingredients present.

Try Plant Snacks’ Nacho Tortilla Chips

Ready to make the switch to a healthier, tastier tortilla chip? Give Plant Snacks’ Nacho Tortilla Chips a try today to meet your new favorite snack.


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