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Certified Delicious: Vegan Chips with High Acclaim

Certified Delicious: Vegan Chips with High Acclaim

There are so many empty promises in the food and health industry today, it’s hard to know who or what to trust anymore. Just because something says “gluten free” on the box or “guaranteed to make you lose weight” doesn’t mean it’s actually true. So how do you know if something is legitimate? It's important to check for credibility. If a brand has solid certifications from accredited institutions, that's one way to know that they're a reliable source.

When Plant Snacks designed its vegan chips and crackers, we wanted to create something everyone felt good about eating. That’s why we’re fully transparent about our ingredients and process. But we wanted to take things a step further to show how seriously we take our products. Here are our accreditations:

Certified Gluten Free

This certification comes from the Gluten Intolerance Group, also known as, the Gluten-Free Certification organization, the nation’s leader in the certification of gluten free products. This group set out to start verifying foods that were 100% gluten free, tired of years of incorrect labeling and thousands of people getting sick from mislabeled products. 

This institution came from years of careful research and collaboration with global partners to develop an accredited certification that would guarantee a complete lack of gluten in the products marked by this organization. We’re proud to say that our gluten free Tortilla Chips and Plant Thins received this certification from the GFCO.  

Non-GMO Verified

This certification comes from The Non-GMO Project, a mission-driven non-profit organization seeking to build and protect non-GMO foods for all consumers. They are the market leader for GMO avoidance and America’s most trusted third party verification for non-GMO foods. Their standard for the certification is a consensus-based document based on market research and insights from dozens of industry experts with a variety of perspectives. It constantly adapts to our ever-changing world with new GMO technology emerging everyday. 

This project shares Plant Snacks’ dedication to providing consumers with transparency as they choose their foods and ingredients. Though there are many kinds of vegan chips and products out there, they’re made with GMO ingredients as opposed to non-vegan ones—but not Plant Snacks. We’re proud to say that our vegan cheese chips and vegan cheese crackers are Non-GMO Project verified. 

Try Our Vegan and Dairy Free Cheddar Chips

In addition to being gluten free certified and non-GMO Project verified, Plant Snacks is also a good source of fiber and protein, dairy free, and contains healthy minerals like vitamin D. From our dairy free cheddar chips to our classic tortilla-style vegan chips, you have the Plant Snacks guarantee of transparency, ethical ingredients, and delicious vegan flavor. Order some today and be confident in the high quality of the healthy snacks you’re about to experience.


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