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The Promise of Our Plant-Based Chips & Snacks

The Promise of Our Plant-Based Chips & Snacks

Plant-based used to be a byword in the health and food industry. Now it’s a buzzword. Businesses everywhere are adding plant-based items to their stock. So what makes Plant Snacks different, or even better, from the rising number of options available?

At Plant Snacks, we make crave-able snacks that do not sacrifice nutrition. Not only are they tasty, but they’re vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and non-GMO verified with no added sugars. They also contain three grams of protein per serving and are a good source of fiber, vitamin D, and other essential nutrients. While other companies may offer some of these features, Plant Snacks fits everything into one—without breaking your bank or compromising on flavor. 

Non-GMO Verified

Though a label may say “plant-based,” sometimes businesses create their own genetically modified plants as their product base. They engineer these plants in a lab to contain higher nutrients, protein, or other nutrients so they can boast about the great benefits of their foods. However, that doesn’t mean their GMOs are actually good for you. 

Our partners at the Non-GMO Project have performed extensive research into GMOs. There is currently no evidence proving that GMOs offer the enhanced nutrition that these companies promise. Even worse, companies don’t always properly label these products, meaning you could be consuming them without realizing it. Current laws only mandate the labeling of certain GMOs.

That’s why we use non-GMO ingredients as the basis for our plant-based snacks. We use our own  Non-GMO Project Verified flour blend of whole grain corn, cassava root, psyllium husk, pea protein, and mushroom powder. 

Gluten-Free Certified

Though science has shown that a gluten-free diet has many health benefits, it’s a much more serious matter for our customers with celiac disease or gluten allergies. A gluten-free product made in the same facility as regular-gluten products could have the smallest trace of gluten contaminate the product. This trace amount could cause serious symptoms— from painful stomach aches to hospitalization—in a gluten-sensitive customer.

When it comes to customer safety and satisfaction, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. That’s why we’re gluten-free certified with This national certification body is the leader in gluten-free certification. They only accept foods with the highest quality, integrity, and reliability for meeting the strictest gluten-free standards possible. It’s an honor to have their trust, and we want our customers to feel the same about us.

Vegan Protein 

We wanted everyone to love our snacks while also offering one of the most important nutrients: protein. However, protein is typically highest in meats and dairy products. We didn’t want to use those ingredients as it would exclude anyone with a vegan lifestyle. And, we wanted to use the healthiest, plant-based sources of protein possible—without involving any animals in the process. 

We chose peas as our main source of plant-based protein. Green peas contain nearly nine grams of protein per cooked cup—that’s more than a cup of dairy milk! Peas are also an excellent source of daily fiber, thiamine, folate, manganese, and vitamins A, C, and K. Each serving of our plant-based chips contains three grams of protein per serving. That makes it of the highest vegan, plant-based protein snacks on the market. 


Finally, our plant-based chips are a good source of fiber. The whole grain corn and psyllium husk ingredients in our snacks naturally contain fiber. Fiber usually doesn’t absorb into the human body, but it still plays a significant role in overall health. It maintains your bowel system, helps you lose weight, lowers your cholesterol levels, keeps blood sugar levels down, and can even make you live longer. Every serving of our snacks has three grams of plant-based fiber, ready to make your snack healthier and tastier. 

Taste the Plant Snacks Difference

It’s never been easier to have a plant-based diet than with Plant Snacks. Ready to try a snack that has all of these incredible health benefits and ingredients, yet is also delicious? Plant Snacks offers a variety of products in different flavors so there’s something for everyone to love. Try out one of our cracker-like “Plant Thins” or some Tortilla Chips today so you can taste the difference for yourself!

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