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What Makes Plant Snacks Non-GMO?

What Makes Plant Snacks Non-GMO?

Language regarding genetically modified organisms has been around the food industry for some time. Yet there still remains much mystery and confusion as to the true nature of GMOs, why they’re harmful, and how to find foods without them. 

When Plant Snacks designed its non-GMO crackers and chips, we wanted to create something everyone felt good about eating. That’s why we’re fully transparent about our ingredients and process, and we’re proud to be officially and credibly GMO-free. Here’s what that really means.

What Does Non-GMO and GMO Mean?

“Non-GMO” means non-genetically modified organisms. GMOs are novel organisms created in a laboratory using genetic modification and engineering techniques. Scientists remove one or more genes from the DNA of another organism, such as a bacterium, virus, animal, or plant and “recombine” them into the DNA of the plant they want to alter. By adding these new genes, genetic engineers hope the plant will express the traits associated with the genes. 

Why are GMOs Bad?

While this sounds like a good idea in theory, scientists insert genes into the DNA of a food plant at random. They have no idea where the genes go in the DNA splices. This can disrupt the functioning of other genes and create novel proteins that have never been in the food supply. Research suggests that GMOs pose several health and environmental risks, reducing crop productivity, creating toxins and allergens in foods, and leading to diseases ranging from cancer to bad gut health.

How are Plant Snacks Non-GMO Foods?

Plant Snacks is 100% non-GMO verified. This certification comes from The Non-GMO Project, a mission-driven non-profit organization seeking to build and protect non-GMO foods for all consumers. As the market leader for GMO avoidance and America’s most trusted third-party verification for non-GMO foods. Their standard for the certification is a consensus-based document based on market research and insights from dozens of industry experts with a variety of perspectives. It constantly adapts to our ever-changing world with new GMO technology emerging everyday. There is no organization more credible when it comes to GMOs.

Every one of Plant Snacks’ products has one of the official labels from The Non-GMO Project. While most snacks use corn, soy beans, canola, and sugar to sweeten their foods, these are some of the most common foods that contain GMOs. Our non-GMO chips and crackers come from a flour blend of whole grain corn, cassava root, psyllium husk, pea protein, and mushroom powder. Every single one of these ingredients have no GMOs whatsoever.

Try Non-GMO Snacks from Plant Snacks

Plant Snacks is dedicated to providing customers with transparency as you choose your foods and ingredients. We’re proud to say that all our foods at Plant Snacks are Non-GMO Project verified. You have the Plant Snacks guarantee of transparency, ethical ingredients, and delicious flavors. Our flour blend is also naturally vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free while being a good source of fiber and vitamin D, so everyone can enjoy them. 

Order some today or, if we’re out of stock on our website, you can find us at Thrive Market, or in-person at a store near you.


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