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Why Plant-Based Chips are Better Than Regular Chips

Why Plant-Based Chips are Better Than Regular Chips

There are so many tasty-looking chips in the aisle at your local grocery store. You’ve probably heard of friends or family members going vegan or switching to a plant-based diet, but why? It sounds like a lot of work and money and a sacrifice of delicious-tasting food. However, you actually have nothing to lose and everything to gain from switching to plant-based snacks. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose our plant-based chips over regular ones: 

Healthier Ingredients

Next time you see your favorite regular chips at the grocery store, stop and take a good look at the ingredients list. You’ll see a mile-long collection of words you probably don’t know how to pronounce. Tocopherols, acidity regulators, aspartame…do you even know what those things are that you’re putting in your body?

We can tell you in short: not good. Most regular chips come highly processed, with tons of preservatives and additives to make them shelf-stable. Some of those ingredients can even cause addictive behaviors, which is why you keep coming back for more of something unhealthy. 

If you check out the ingredient list on any of our plant-based tortilla chips, you’ll see not only is it short, but you can recognize every food on there. Our signature flour blend consists of whole grain corn, cassava root, psyllium husk, pea protein, and mushroom powder. No preservatives  or additives!

Better Lifestyle

It’s not just the latest health craze—there’s real science proving the value of going plant-based.

Plants are naturally higher in nutrients like phytochemicals and antioxidants. These keep your cells healthy and your body in balance so that your immune system can fight off infections and diseases. These same nutrients float around your body, neutralizing toxins and reducing inflammation. 

Remember all those junky ingredients in regular chips? Most of those fake flavorings will keep you from maintaining a healthy weight. But plant-based chips have none of those artificial ingredients. Plants also have high amounts of fiber, which improve your gut health—keeping your weight, bowel management, and blood sugar at healthy levels. All of our plant-based snacks have three grams of fiber and protein per serving! 

According to research at Harvard Medical School, vegan diets give you a lower risk of developing coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, while increasing your life’s longevity. They can also reduce the risk of several types of cancers and mental health illnesses. 

Better for the Environment and Others

It’s true that meats and cheeses and other non-vegan chips can have healthy ingredients like protein and calcium. However, there’s a great debate in the food industry over the ethics of using animal products. Not all companies use ethical means of harvesting animals and their by-products for commercial use. And before you say, “oh, chips don’t have any animal by-products!” Yes, they do. Cheesy chips got their milk from cows, and some of those funky chemicals come from animal bone marrow or muscle tissue. 

However, our vegan tortilla chips are entirely plant-based, which means no animals or their products have any part of our process. We also sustainably harvest our plant ingredients without the use of harmful pesticides or GMOs that some farmers use to speed up their growing processes. Even our flavors are vegan! When you snack on Plant Snacks, you can rest assured that our products are good for you, the environment, and the animals that live in it.

Plant Snacks Taste Just As Good!

Finally, plant-based chips are just as tasty as any of the regular chips you’ve had before—in fact, we think you’ll find them even tastier! We designed our plant-based tortilla chips and cracker “thins” so our customers don’t have to sacrifice taste for nutrition. Once you go vegan with Plant Snacks, you’ll never go back. Taste and see by trying out some of our plant-based snacks today!

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