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Why You Need To Try These Vegan-Approved Protein Chips

Why You Need To Try These Vegan-Approved Protein Chips

Some choose the vegan life, and the vegan life chooses others. It’s a wonderful, healthy lifestyle to lead, but it’s not always easy. Finding plant-based, protein-packed, non-GMO ingredients and snacks can be a pain in a world of overly-processed foods. Not to mention that most vegan products lack sufficient amounts of protein for a healthy diet. Wouldn’t it be great if there were vegan protein snacks that had everything you need, ready to eat? Look no further than the protein chips at Plant Snacks!

How Much Protein Do Vegans Need?

You’ve probably heard a lot about protein from different gym fanatics or fitness influencers. But it’s not overrated, not in the slightest. Protein gives our bodies the building blocks to create muscle and strengthen our bones. Protein also contains nutrients that help fight infection, carry oxygen, and repair injuries. It keeps you full longer too.

It’s true that the most common sources of protein are meats, but plants contain all the essential amino acids that give protein its power. The trick is getting enough of it, and getting several varieties of protein, as no single plant source can provide all of your protein needs.

Since every person and their body are different, there’s not just one number that determines how many grams of protein you need each day. The RDA recommends you have about 0.36 grams of protein per pound that you weigh. However, this recommendation includes a generous safety factor for most people, and often times this is not enough on a vegan diet. Our bodies digest plant proteins differently from animal proteins and have different amino acid mixes, which means vegans often need to consume more protein.

For vegans, you should aim to eat about 0.41 grams per pound that you weigh. For example, a vegan male weighing 174 pounds who eats 2,600 calories would need at least 71 grams of protein. That means about 10% of calories in a vegan’s diet are coming from protein. Non-vegans get about 14-18% of their calories from protein. This suggests that vegan diets are commonly lower in protein than standard American diets. 

How do Vegan Protein Chips Solve This Problem?

There are many delicious vegan snacks full of protein that you can eat on a daily basis. Oatmeal, baked beans, tofu, brown rice, and more. However, most of those ingredients require preparation to eat. However, with Plant Snacks’ vegan chips, there’s no preparation necessary. All you have to do is open the bag and start feasting on the delicious chips inside. They have three grams of protein per serving, so just a few will give you more than enough to fill you up until your next meal. They also come in a bunch of different, delicious vegan flavors!

Besides eating them on your own, these vegan chips can work in a bunch of different recipes or food ideas. For example, they’re great sides on a charcuterie board. Spread some vegan cheese on a chip and crunch down for a satisfying snack. Or, make some vegan homemade guacamole or salsa and dip a few chips in to spice up your palate. The more types of plant-based protein you eat, the more variety of protein amino acids you’ll get, and the stronger and healthier you’ll be. 

Try Our Vegan Protein Snacks 

Plant Snacks offers several versions of protein chips and other vegan snacks like our signature Plant Thins. In addition to being gluten free certified and non-GMO Project verified, Plant Snacks is also a good source of fiber, dairy free, and contains healthy minerals like vitamin D. Order some today to get more vegan protein in your diet!


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